Player julienb1987 posted a message on 21/07 19:55 on the ZooValley & CadoVillage Forum: how to discuss with customer service?. Answer him on ZooValley & CadoVillage and exchange with other players

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Subject :  how to discuss with customer service?
21/07/2014 19:55:12

Good morning, everyone! I can no longer find the chat to chat with live customer service, how do I do that? Thank you in advance? :)

29/11/2015 11:00:09


I would appreciate understanding the why for several days

MadWin, quoverbis, cadovillage, madloto,

Do not send me any more mail in my mail box !!!!

I could receive an explanation from you.

Because for me it's nothing normal

I do not think I have forbidden you to send me that I know.

I'm waiting patiently for your answer 😈

28/03/2015 04:39:15

I would like to thank Plouga and Evelyne for becoming "their friends"!

I answered several times to tell them how happy I was and that I accepted willingly!

Unfortunately whenever I want to consult their messages, impossible, it disappears and I have the right to everything except those who want to talk to me? why is it because I am punished for writing on the wall? double punishment - that's not normal, I want to at least tell them "I'm very happy to be their friends, otherwise they'll tell me" the mamy is rude "and then I'm so happy, I do not want to not that they think of me!

Alas, my boyfriends, I'll leave you for a change of address but be sure "I'll be there, if my health improves, but the mamy does not crack pass, I want to be strong, so think of me and I will succeed to have "friends"

good luck, brave little soldiers, you know, this is the "best morale for me"

kisses and goodbye
nicolefrance, I will write you as soon as I can, for the moment, I take advantage

30/07/2014 10:03:48

Thank you for your answers! :) I'll be patient then:) Have a good day, everyone

24/07/2014 15:36:53

Cuckoo julien 1987!
the customer service is on vacation ... so you'll have to wait ... they'll come back 😎
good games to you ...
to pleasure πŸ™‹

24/07/2014 15:35:55

Cuckoo julien 1987!
the customer service is on vacation ... so you'll have to wait ... they'll come back 😎
good games to you ...
to pleasure πŸ™‹

24/07/2014 14:01:46

In my opinion it was removed because they are on vacation, try on the wall there is the web that passes from time to time 🌹

24/07/2014 13:39:55

Normally they are on leave back around August 18th I think

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