Here is the list of ZooValley's Goal Games: each Goal Game offers you a specific game rule to win Gifts every day.

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Discover Battle
Battle Booty Game
up for grabs !
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Discover Fish A Prize Jackpot
loot game Fish A Prize Jackpot
A PS4 Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker game up for grabs !
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Discover Pharaoh
loot game Pharaoh
A Huawei P20 Pro Pro Blue up for grabs !
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Latest Winners

Cash Ranger : up to USD 1,000 up for grabs !
Get on your Shuttle and go to Cash Ranger in search of Crystals to win up to USD 1,000 per shipment! But beware of Planetors' attacks, they will do everything to make you fail!

Carott & Kid : accumulate up to USD 1,500 in Prizes!
Fill out your Element Holder and win all the Prizes it contains! Become the Game Master and win $1,500 in Prizes!

Jungle Star : Get on the throne!
In each Jungle Star Grid, collect Honor Points to be one of the top 3 ranked players! Become King, Magician or Knight to immediately win a prize!

Lot Fishing : one click, one prize!
A classic ZooValley classic! Click on a Box on the Lot Fishing grid and immediately discover your winnings! If you find the Loot, you win the first prize: a prize your choice!

Garden Party : up to 70 Prizes per Round!
Click on the Garden Party boxes one by one: all the Prizes you discover are for you... as long as you don't fall on a bomb!

MadQuiz: your general culture put to the test!
Earn points by answering quiz questions! Each correct answer brings you back from the center and the final question that will make you win the Round!
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