Player quendide posted a message on 10/07 16:57 on the ZooValley & CadoVillage Forum: I am no longer classified!. Answer him on ZooValley & CadoVillage and exchange with other players

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Subject :  I am no longer classified!
10/07/2014 16:57:43

Yesterday, I was ranked 53rd and today, I have the notification "unclassified"! 🤔 Odd weird ... Can someone tell me why? Thank you. Good night.

15/07/2014 22:50:33

Thank you, there was probably a mistake, it was fixed.

15/07/2014 22:48:44

Hello, ask the customer service they have the answer 🌹

Thank you, it was a mistake they had to correct. Good evening or night!

12/07/2014 23:18:04

Maybe your games today were not counted yet 🤔 (it takes at least an hour for the scores of the day to be taken into account) 🙋

11/07/2014 12:30:13

Hello, ask the customer service they have the answer 🌹

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