Player franck6593 posted a message on 17/06 22:30 on the ZooValley & CadoVillage Forum: message upload !!!!!!. Answer him on ZooValley & CadoVillage and exchange with other players

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Subject :  message upload !!!!!!
17/06/2013 22:30:50

Hello franck6593!

You could not receive our latest emails
information because your e-mail address is not valid!
We urgently need a valid e-mail address in order to be able to
to contact you in case of important information about your account, but also
to keep you informed of the gifts we send you!


Valid e-mail address:
Please enter your password to confirm.
Your password :

You will receive an e-mail containing an access code that will allow you to
reactivate your account.
If you do not receive this email, please contact our Customer Service

that's what i got when i log in to madwin
yet in my profile my email address is valid and why need my password
did other people have this kind of message

09/10/2013 19:34:28

Patience is the mother of all virtues...

19/08/2013 05:33:28

we'll end up stopping cheeking because sometimes things don't go well

09/08/2013 22:15:52

are there people whose friends stayed with them because mine have all disappeared from circulation

02/07/2013 15:11:41


we are displaying this message when we have tried to send you an email and that it has returned to us in error.
In addition, some internet service providers may reject our e-mails. In this case, do not hesitate to indicate another e-mail address, at another supplier, on which we can reach you.

Good games!
The Web'

28/06/2013 12:46:49

for me it's the same I can not activate my account while all my info is correct and complete, I do not receive the activation message on my mailbox can you help me please

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