Player indy58 posted a message on 06/09 14:22 on the ZooValley & CadoVillage Forum: Question about cheques. Answer him on ZooValley & CadoVillage and exchange with other players

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Subject :Question about cheques
Number of Messages: 2
06/09/2011 14:22:13

I have a little problem that makes me crunchy on checks, I would like to take one with my points but the problem is that in the description it is not to mark where we can spend them ^^ "
that would arrange me to know it so as not to spend my points unnecessarily.
Thanks in advance =)

Top poster
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07/09/2011 23:09:38

🙋 you do not spend your check you deposit on your account and afterwards, it's up to you to see. 🤪🤪🤪

Number of Messages: 2
08/09/2011 12:56:52

Thank you very much =)

Number of Messages: 1
06/11/2011 17:59:03

Hello, I encountered a problem on this game because this morning I had found the loot and I won 1,000 tickets for the super winning game plus a check for 100€ and when I went to see for the validated I didn't find how to do to remove it and receive it at home I could only cancel it, exchange it for MadPoint or delete it from the display but I don't know what it would do if I clicked on deleted from the display. So I'd like to know how to do it. Thank you. Thank you.

Number of Messages: 9
05/04/2012 08:32:00

Hi ,

-If you want your check and you wait for it to be sent to you
-If (if you have the silver dream card) you exchange it for madpoints

if you ask another question I will answer you.


Number of Messages: 3
22/08/2012 07:23:00

In the end did you receive your check because I have been waiting for mine since May and still nothing ...
The eight weeks are far exceeded!

Top poster
Number of Messages: 595
22/08/2012 21:01:28

Heu !!! 🤔
What are you waiting for to contact customer service?
They are always listening, and find the solution.
We have the advantage of being on a very serious site, do not hesitate !!!

Number of Messages: 3
29/08/2012 06:49:10

Hello !
Technical problem settled: the check has turned into a transfer without worry!
Have a lovely day everybody!

Number of Messages: 2
23/02/2013 14:35:48

hello voila I just won 50 euro I convert them into a check to make the transfer may without news that I have to do because here is my follow up may I understand nothing that I must do 23/02/2013 14:02:30 Kitty: You have validated a conversion of your prize pool into a check
-50,00 â,¬
23/02/2013 13:50:53 Challenges: You have won Euros in your prize pool with a Challenge: 50 Euro (s) (Defi N ° 298156)

Number of Messages: 6
20/06/2013 19:56:15

😂 Thank you for my check of 10 euros received very quickly
a faithful player

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