Player fredmiko73 posted a message on 05/08 18:05 on the ZooValley & CadoVillage Forum: long sight bonus?. Answer him on ZooValley & CadoVillage and exchange with other players

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Subject :  long sight bonus?
05/08/2011 18:05:24

Hello, what is the long sight bonus for?

24/01/2013 20:10:32

never even reading the rules, I did not understand how to see the five boxes!

if I connected well do not validate before looking at the boxes!

thank you, I will visualize before validating!

good night

16/04/2012 21:29:20

Good evening.
The long view bonus is used to discover what is in the boxes, without opening them, and does not debut your games. Not validated, not credited
It's up to you to find the boxes that may interest you.
Good evening, cdlt.

15/04/2012 12:36:15

hello who can help me...when I click with my long view bonuses I see the points...but when I go to my points history it is marked 0 for each game...what should I do?

08/02/2012 12:56:37

Okay, thanks, I'll try it.

08/02/2012 11:11:17

Hello 🙋,

To activate your Long View / Binocular Bonus, click on the long / binoculars that appear at the top right of your grid. Then, click on 5 boxes of your choice to discover what they contain.

Good luck!

The Web'

07/02/2012 09:44:29

And how do we use it ??? 🎤

08/08/2011 10:27:27

Thank you for your answer
have a good day

07/08/2011 14:25:03


To see the contents of 5 boxes.

Tip: for each game, there is a rule of the game that you can consult (it does not interrupt the game). In general, bonuses are explained.

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