Player gio81 posted a message on 17/03 18:35 on the ZooValley & CadoVillage Forum: tic tac showcase. Answer him on ZooValley & CadoVillage and exchange with other players

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Subject :  tic tac showcase
17/03/2011 18:35:35

Say, is this an idea where there are days when the Navance showcase doesn't...?

25/07/2011 01:58:42

I think it's a lot of comments, or no, it's not necessary, and bin it's all-out 🙁n):

23/07/2011 14:13:42

I've been spending months validating the lines in the tic tac window every day and boom, all of a sudden you stop it. it just sucks. and I'm angry. all these hours to spend validating for nothing, there's not even words to describe it.

23/07/2011 12:00:12

I had not seen that the ticking windows were going to stop and I was very unpleasantly surprised this morning.
I came every day to validate them, not knowing if the automatic validation continued (all my shop windows started on January 1st, not being able to do them during the holidays they had been canceled)
More challenges, more tic-tac showcases, tickets for the booty showcase practically impossible to have: than disappointments .... 🙁😠
It remains the games that are nice anyway, but suddenly I am less motivated to come every day ..
Happy holidays anyway for those who take!

23/07/2011 11:59:04

it's on more the point of stress... except that ZUT, I've been assiduous for more than a year and now all of a sudden, 2 days away, CHAO!!!! I'm just getting my initial deposit back, I find it SCANDALOUS and ARBITRARY... I'm archi Disappointed and sick.... what was all this for??????

20/07/2011 19:41:17

No more bothering to ask you questions, the TicTac showcases are finally stopped Friday, July 22nd.
New announced by the Web on the wall and in the section of the forum "Madwin informs you"

20/07/2011 18:25:38

hello, what do you see that validation is automatic?
it is true but if the validation is automatic that everyone benefits, perso my places are not validated when I do not click on ponsor there would he peivilegiers?

19/07/2011 22:58:04

guys!!!! good news!! I found the web! he was hidden in the thread about gifts, the little trickster! bad stash, we found you !!!

14/07/2011 23:45:58

It's not necessarily bad, like we sign up for all the tic tac windows, we come back a year and a half later and boom 2.6 million madpoint more, isn't that nice?

14/07/2011 11:51:40

the web has been 2 months that he does not respond anymore .... WEEEEEEEEB or is you ?????????????????????

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