Player KmiKze54 posted a message on 08/03 20:08 on the ZooValley & CadoVillage Forum: Disgusted!. Answer him on ZooValley & CadoVillage and exchange with other players

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Subject :  Disgusted!
08/03/2011 20:08:16

Tonight, on my part of amulettres .... 😡For once I get out well .... and I arrive at a score more than respectable .... 2234 points I think .. ... I read at the moment that an error n ° 24 has occurred ..... all because the time of half an hour is exceeded! 😡Result: no point! What is the goal of quo verbis? to make us scratch the parts?

I do not find it very righteous and unfair. No reward in terms of points for the effort provided. 😡😠

28/04/2011 21:53:49

A quick question to those who manage to get 150 points to the amulettres:
How do you do ?
Is there a technique?
My best score is 85 pts

27/03/2011 20:47:08

What's going on with the raffle windows? There is only one lot left per raffle! Did Madwin get cheap?

16/03/2011 04:52:50

having had the same problem I think we need the time that is clearly visible

12/03/2011 18:18:34

Agree for the application of the rules, but there is still a problem with this new / old version of the game: the parts do not end! In addition customer service told me that the timing of the game had passed at 1:30, but to have tested, it is not reliable .. So to revisit, in my opinion.

11/03/2011 11:22:33

Hello 🙋

I understand the disappointment, I remember however that the time is indicated at the beginning of the game so it's quite "reglo"!

Good games!
The Web'

10/03/2011 22:14:52

you're not the only one, reassure yourself!

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