Player webmaster posted a message on 23/01 14:50 on the ZooValley & CadoVillage Forum: Interruption of the Sites on 23/01. Answer him on ZooValley & CadoVillage and exchange with other players

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Subject :Interruption of the Sites on 23/01
Number of Messages: 3424
23/01/2011 14:50:18

Hello everyone, 🙋🙋

Our apologies for this much longer site cut than announced 😔😔
The Tic Tac Showcases were automatically validated for today's only day ie Sunday 23/01.

Still sorry and good game to all!

The Web '🌹🌹

Top poster
Number of Messages: 465
23/01/2011 19:08:25

Hello Web
On all pages I have a chance on 2 "Error processing URL ....."
Is this a bug being resolved?

Number of Messages: 14
23/01/2011 22:52:06

Impossible to play this morning ....
Maintenance one Sunday morning?
Although .... good .... emergency? huhu ....

Repetitive mistakes this afternoon and tonight.

Thank you Quoverbis !!!

Already I felt unmotivated ....

Number of Messages: 1
24/01/2011 01:58:23

Hello !!! Well I had 2 errors to connect to my aude robot, so I could not play and I was removed anyway 2 games on my 15, I would like to know if it's normal? ?????????????
thank you in advance for the answer

Number of Messages: 751
24/01/2011 17:34:10

all day, the morning, the evening, a shot it worked, (rowing) a shot no, (on the 3 sites), impossible to make the expected applications on the raffles, debited parts but scores not taken into account .... it deserves a small gesture no? (a 'tite free extra part here and there ... like ... 😎)

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