Player cricri04 posted a message on 03/10 13:17 on the ZooValley & CadoVillage Forum: Your PIRES gaming sites. Answer him on ZooValley & CadoVillage and exchange with other players

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Subject :  Your PIRES gaming sites
03/10/2010 13:17:52

Hi everybody,

Inspired by a previous subject, I propose to discuss your worst experience with a game site. Of course, we must avoid any overflow, so:
Any criticism must be argued and not free
No referral link, but it will not be too hard !!!

10/11/2010 17:07:14

I was going for a moment on one of the sites called "forum of the players" (there are several who carry this name)
but people go there especially to try to find godchildren, or to talk about the new sites of paid online games, poker and others ...
nothing very interesting, no help, few answers, little sympathy ... but if someone has a good address, I'm interested 😎

29/10/2010 00:13:20

Hello πŸ™‹

Indeed, there are web forums πŸ™y):

The topics of discussion are hallucinating! 😈😈

Funny colleague 😡

Have a nice day 🎀

28/10/2010 19:20:49


I will prefer, if you do not mind, that this subject should stick to it. We do not have any particular pleasure to read here criticisms towards our confreres, you certainly have forums on the internet which will allow you to exchange your points of view!

Since Pactole is quoted, know that it is a confrère that we respect. I'm sorry that you had problems with them ... In this case we also know that the management of customer service is not always easy, and that these are things that can happen ... I hope that things will get better. But please this forum is not the place for these exchanges!

Thanks to all and good games!
The Web'

28/10/2010 11:43:22

For me it is the site P .....

In recent months, they have completely changed their system,
It has become unpleasant, and moreover when you win a lot, which is not always
easy, you have to pay the postage? ? ?

I did it once and since I gave up this site, and I do not have to
to be the only one.


03/10/2010 23:25:07

Good evening πŸ™‹

For me it's the best games.

Not far from two years that I played on this site. Everything was perfect. Good lot to choose from in the shop. Different jackpots to win every day for first place. Ditto for the ranking of the month with several levels. Of course if you want to win you must invest by buying potions because it is not with the free spins that we hope to win something. Personally all the big winnings I had the chance to win or choose were nikel, nothing to blame on this side.

When putting into operation the new version running last summer, all this spoils: beugs repetition, uncredited points, gift carried off not appearing in my account.Some earnings are not sent within 90 days as specified in their rules . Zero customer service that does not respond to messages separately when threatened. Before the new version, there was the opportunity to reach them by telephone and there we managed to settle disputes. Since the new version, the phone contact is still there but when called they fall on the host of the site. Consequence, impossible to solve the problems. So you have to fight, arm yourself with patience and harass message to get winnings.

You can find on the web by looking a little, forums where x players discuss all the problems I am quoting.

In my case, I left this site and I do not regret it at all. For me it's a site to ban 😈

To conclude, I do not encourage anyone to leave this site or want to register each is free to do as he sees fit.

Good evening 🎀

03/10/2010 13:42:03

Come on, I'm starting ... for me it's with the site Pactole.

The site starts with a good idea: "Win thanks to others" ... only this concerns a tiny part of the site and therefore a small part of your earnings ...

I find that the site takes players for idiots, in several ways: (the list of problems that I met on the site is not exhaustive ... it would be a lot rop long to read at otherwise!

-A through the flagship game (Super Pactole wheel .. but this is generalizable for much of their games). The site boasts a game of total chance, saying that there are 100 segments on the wheel, and so we have a one in 100 chance of winning the jackpot. Just look at the history of the winners and keep informed of the animations to realize that luck is not in the game. The winning games are only because they were played a certain day, at a certain time, date chosen by the webmaster ... and not because we came across this chance out of 100!

-The last time, an animation was proposed from 12 to 18H. This animation proposed to trigger a jackpot on a game every XX games played on this game, and while there were only a few left, the animation was oddly stopped at 17:54 without notice, preventing the outbreak of the jackpot and well sure without any compensation for the players.

-Idem on this kind of animation, where the counter oddly passes 10 to 150 remaining parts without triggering the jackpot ... incident for which the customer service is silent and does not respond to any message ...

However, customer service is responsive when the messages are not embarrassing, and the winnings once earned are actually and quickly shipped.

In short, if you play, I strongly encourage you to desert this site, whose pleasure to play was spoiled by the desire too apparent Pactole site to put a lot of pockets!

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