Player chevalier3000 posted a message on 05/09 12:25 on the ZooValley & CadoVillage Forum: Madwin banned from McDonnalds. Answer him on ZooValley & CadoVillage and exchange with other players

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Subject :Madwin banned from McDonnalds
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05/09/2010 12:25:08


I do not know if you tried but when I connect to wifi from a mcdonalds, I can not access madwin. The site is blocked by their filter in the "gambling" category.

Is there anything to do for that? At first I could divert the filter through the IP address of the site but now it does not work anymore.

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06/09/2010 22:09:59

Good evening,

The only thing left to do is not to set foot at MCDO and company.

Have a good evening 🎤

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09/09/2010 02:05:31

It must have been confused, it must be an automatic filter. You can always go to them. 🤔

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