Player anton76 posted a message on 17/02 14:43 on the ZooValley & CadoVillage Forum: weekly challenge and mega challenge. Answer him on ZooValley & CadoVillage and exchange with other players

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Subject :weekly challenge and mega challenge
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17/02/2008 14:43:10

(glass) hello to all. I've been playing the game "alert'o fish" for some time now and I often finish first in this game. it's frustrating to finish with 1000 mp + 10000 mp of the mega challenge. a quick look at the winners of the mega challenge and you realize that it's only for scratch games. to finish first of a reflection game as an alert o' fish or the treasure of old jack we are obliged to play our 15 daily games on this game and therefore farewell the mega challenge. it might be wise to review the award of medals.
400 medals for reflection
games 100 medals for scratch
games anyway we're here for fun and I'll keep playing alert'o fish (hello galactus 13) and say hello to all the players in 76 and the harbour in particular.
good wind to all

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21/02/2008 12:24:35

Nice to meet the author of these nice scores! I'm not 76 but I fully share your point of view! 😉
Good luck to you! 🍸

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01/04/2008 02:27:16

a challenger !!!!!!!!
I also have fun on alert o fish.It is too good to think better than scratching anyway.I go back little by little in the class.
it will be me the first.

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04/04/2008 02:23:51

missing this week of "alert 'o fish" I tried the scratch game. not even a jackpot, nothing. I drag myself along with miserable madpoints. but at least I spend less time on the computer. I still reiterate my request to rethink the awarding of medals or to make different rankings between games of reflection and scratching games. go gentlemen directors "Mizy 47, tofman, DEBO88, qezal1, .... and I would like to earn a little something just to please our children.
thank you Mizy 47 for your little word of encouragement and congratulations for your scores, I saw you make 2000 points / day, low hat, good luck to all.
ps i'll be back next week

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