Player Alexthekiller10 posted a message on 27/02 18:49 on the ZooValley & CadoVillage Forum: Official topic of Madwin tips. Answer him on ZooValley & CadoVillage and exchange with other players

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Subject :Official topic of Madwin tips
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27/02/2008 18:49:45

Here is the official topic of the Madwin Games Tips! (T.O.A.A.J.M.) Say them to help us, and we'll give you some tips! I already have a little one: In the "Gold Rush" game, the most winning mine is the one on the right, I have already won 100 Madpoints+ all at once! (Be careful, this does not mean that it is always a winner!) Also, in the game "Space Speedway", you must take the spaceship in a next turn from which you lost the previous turn, and never take back the one where you just finished 1st! (in the same part.) A word of advice: the one where you are likely to be 1st most of the time is the big yellow!;-)(clown)

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27/02/2008 19:15:17


I publish this message with however the obligation to deny very clearly the reality of such tricks.
The scratch games are games of chance, there is in no case any trick that would influence your final score. In the same way, a round of "Space Speedway" has no dependence on the previous round.

That you could observe phenomena empirically is one thing, I do not dispute it, but players must be aware that it has no real value.

Now, if players want to apply your "tips", free to them, if they win so much better, but they know that in reality all this will be pure ... chance.

Voila do not take my answer wrong, you will understand that I must absolutely provide these precisions, otherwise it is the rule of these games that would simply be questioned ...

Good games!
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03/03/2008 11:16:09

I win at speedway or other
with a simple thing, my daughter
she shows me the boxes and she often has 100-500 or even 1000 !! (A speedway I specify)
nothing better than the innocent hand of a child, because it does not ask questions, does not calculate, and does not try to find a trick or combines, which ultimately is unlikely to bear fruit 😉

good continuation! and good day

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