Player Galactus13 posted a message on 17/09 20:52 on the ZooValley & CadoVillage Forum: THE CAVE OF 101 GIFTS. Answer him on ZooValley & CadoVillage and exchange with other players

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Subject :THE CAVE OF 101 GIFTS
Number of Messages: 55
17/09/2007 20:52:36

I would like to click on the link! But that's it, it's invisible!
The 101 Gifts Cave doesn't appear on my screen
I can't find it to enter! I despair...

Number of Messages: 20
18/09/2007 22:20:00

It is accessible from the home page: click on the logo on the top left to return to the home page from any page of the site.

Number of Messages: 104
24/09/2007 19:05:34

if despite that .. it does not contact customer service ... kisses

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