Player artichauds posted a message on 22/07 11:18 on the ZooValley & CadoVillage Forum: customer service ???.... Answer him on ZooValley & CadoVillage and exchange with other players

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Subject :  customer service ???...
20/11/2006 13:23:44

🙋Customer service in absence since October !!
I ask them the question: why the number of points of my godson is not the same on his account as in the contest of the godfathers in my case ???
not really serious in the follow-up of the answers, or then they do not know what to answer, since I looked at the regulation and it did not notice that the points gegner by the filleuil with the free parts are not taken into account for the points of the godfather contest§§§§§

15/08/2006 14:33:33

Patience and perseverance make points accumulate! But do not forget that the main thing is to have fun .... 😉

14/08/2006 09:15:17

actually by moment it is fast and in this moment the repeats do not arrive, I believe that they do not treat everything always

10/08/2006 16:15:48

hello, here will come! 🙋🙋🌹

08/08/2006 10:26:44

hello artichokes coment fee you to win as much you explain me thank you in advance I am in complete fog

24/07/2006 11:08:17


Due to holidays, the processing of messages sent to Customer Service is actually longer than usual. Thank you for forgiving us. Please be aware that we will answer all requests!

Good games!

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22/07/2006 11:18:14

I come on the forum in desperation ... I sent 3 messages to customer service ... the oldest of which is a week and I still have no answer ...
cekoidonk kejedoifaire ??? ... (bou)

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