Player Pnumette posted a message on 08/10 21:06 on the ZooValley & CadoVillage Forum: VIP Games. Answer him on ZooValley & CadoVillage and exchange with other players

Discover Zombie Academy
loot game Zombie Academy
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Discover Virtual Spacewar
Virtual Spacewar
Gary is having fun in this ZooValley amusement park ZooValley !
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Discover Bug Prank
Bug Prank
Billy the Pig brings you a new Game for sharp eyes :)
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Discover Water Circus
Water Circus
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Discover Casino Mania
Casino Mania
ZooValley offers you a booster game! Come and have fun and earn tons of points!
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Subject :  VIP Games
31/10/2007 16:04:46

Thank you for your answers, I'm happy for you slide,
I confirm lebelitalien, this site "really worth it"

24/10/2007 21:08:24

Totally agree.......

Madwin do not play ... it drives you crazy ....

24/10/2007 09:13:05

There is no more correct than Madwin lebelitalien.
Good games!


22/10/2007 23:48:49

good evening I'm new so this game site and corecte

19/10/2007 02:04:36

I am platinum VIP too, I went to see your message in our place reserved, and I saw in the gifts that there was a 1 GB SD card, I just needed one, I have ordered immediately. Thank you Tumette! 😉 🌹


18/10/2007 04:29:34

Kikou and no I reassure you you're not a bigleuse unless me too lol
there are no more games reserved for vip info entrie during my passage platinum
But he remains the other games good luck

08/10/2007 21:06:53


I'm a platinum vip, I saw in the vip status that there were extra games, I also saw it somewhere on the forum, except I don't see them these famous games, I get squint or what? lolllllllll
then if someone could light my lanterns, thanks

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